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7 Months Since the Invasion, Here Are 3 Ukrainian Losses Due To War Against Russia

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7 Months Since the Invasion, Here Are 3 Ukrainian Losses Due To War Against Russia
3 Ukrainian Losses Due To War Against Russia

International Military – The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on since February 2014. However, the issue of a Russian attack on Ukraine has landed since November 2021. The Russian invasion of Ukraine was a major threat to peace and security in Europe at the end of the Cold War.


On February 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a speech containing a long list of grievances, which justified “special military operations”. Then attacks were launched on several cities. The United States and its allies say that Russia violates the sovereignty of other countries. The grievances mentioned in Vladimir Putin’s speech were the long-simmering dispute over the Expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

From this war between Russia and Ukraine, it caused losses to each of their countries, but the most and major losses were more dominant to Russia, where this war was won by Ukraine. In addition to the victories that Ukraine has won with Russia, Ukraine also has losses in its own country, ranging from military and civilian casualties to the destroyed houses and cities, during the war between the two countries. The following are some of the losses suffered by Ukraine due to the war with Russia, including:

1. Ukrainian Soldiers Lose Many Lives

There were about 9,000 Ukrainian soldiers who died during the Russian invasion which lasted for 6 months. General Valeriy Zalizhny, who is the commander-in-chief of Ukraine, said that many Ukrainian children needed to be cared for and given treatment and among them 9,000 soldiers had died.

2. Civilian Victims

The United Nations says 5,587 civilians were killed and 7,890 injured during Russia’s attack on Ukraine, but this estimate is still conservative. The UN children’s agency also said there were 972 Ukrainian children killed and injured during the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The number of child victims has been verified by the United Nations, but UNICEF Executive Director Catherine Russell said the toll was much higher. Ukraine marks its independence day on Wednesday also 6 months since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

3. Many Houses And Towns Are Destroyed

As already reported, the Russian President announced a large-scale invasion of Ukraine. Where troops from Russia have shelled and destroyed many houses, infrastructure and residential areas in Ukrainian cities. The attack was carried out using a multi-launch rocket system, and ballistic damage. This attack cost Ukraine more than $1 trillion.

This amount has been taken into account both from the economy, infrastructure and future losses for the following years according to the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Denys Schmyhal. With heavy losses, Ukraine hopes for world support in a speedy recovery for its economy and infrastructure after the war is over.

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