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Bar Exam 2nd placer achieves high school yearbook dream of becoming a lawyer

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MANILA, Philippines – What are the chances that we get to fulfill the dreams we’ve written in our yearbooks? Atty. Erickson Mariñas, however, was able to achieve it around 10 years later!

Atty. Erickson Mariñas wrote in his yearbook that he'll become a lawyer
Atty. Erickson Mariñas wrote in his yearbook that he’ll become a lawyer, and he did it! Photo Courtesy: Facebook/ Editha Mariñas

Years ago, when Atty. Erickson was just a young high school student, he already dreamed of becoming a lawyer. He was so determined and specific that he wrote in his high school yearbook, “Ten years from now, I will be a lawyer.”

True enough, Atty. Erickson went on to become a lawyer, but he also performed exceptionally well, finishing in the Top 2 of one of the toughest examinations in the country. He joined the 3,992 passers out of the 9,183 examinees in the 2022 Bar Examinations, announced on April 14.

In a Facebook post, Atty. Erickson’s mother shared how proud they are of his achievement, especially because they know it was really his dream.

Her mother, Editha, wrote, “Your childhood dream of becoming a lawyer someday was already fulfilled, anak. I know that it is your utmost dream. I hope and pray that the good Lord will again guide you in the next journey and chapter that you choose to pursue in your life.”

Mother Editha said, “For me, the license is all that matters. So, that every time I was being told by friends and relatives na ‘baka magtop-ten ikaw,’ my quick response was ‘never mind na lang ang top.’ To me, passing the Bar is enough, since his license is all that matters, yun lang naman ang kailangan sa kanyang practice of profession. But how good our Lord, really, that He gave you this!!”

Atty. Erickson finished his Bachelor of Science in Legal Management course with a scholarship at Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU). He graduated magna cum laude and was the class valedictorian.

He finished law school as an ‘Iskolar ng Bayan’ at the University of the Philippines in 2022, cum laude. His family couldn’t be more proud of his achievements, as they were all witnesses to his sacrifices and hard work.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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