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Isang Ina dismayado sa Grado ng kanyang anak kahit mataas naman ito! “Ayusin mo pag aaral mo”

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A lady student shared the reaction of her mom after receiving her report card “wala ka sa top? Ayusin mo pag aaral mo”

In the world of education, grades are often used as a measure of a student’s academic achievement. From the moment we enter the school system, we are taught to strive for good grades, and they are often viewed as a reflection of our intelligence and potential for success.

However, while grades can be an important indicator of academic progress, they do not define a person as a whole.

Firstly, grades do not take into account the unique talents, skills, and strengths of an individual. While one student may excel in mathematics and receive top grades in the subject, another may struggle in math but have a natural talent for music, art, or athletics.

Recently, Erica Balila, a Facebook user, shared images of her report card and the response of her mother. The post quickly went viral online, eliciting a wide range of comments from the internet community.

In the photos, Erica receives high marks on the majority of her subjects. She receives a ’98’ in Technical Vocational Education (TVE) and an ’80’ in Entrepreneurship. Her academic performance is above average.

Unfortunately, Balila’s mother was not impressed with her academic performance. Erica’s mother questioned her ranking in the class. The furious woman chastised the female student for her grades.

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