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Money collector cries as people scramble to get millions of cash that fell from his bag


MANILA, Philippines – A video of the unfortunate incident of a money collector who lost millions of cash from his damaged bag has gone viral. It showed the collector, named John Mark Barrientos from Cebu City, in tears as he watched people scramble to get the bundles of cash. The incident occurred on Cebu South Coastal Road in Cebu City on Tuesday, July 4.

Money collector John Mark Barrientos was in tears as the money he was supposed to remit flew out of his damaged bag | Screengrab: Facebook/ Radyo Bandera

According to reports, Barrientos was riding his motorcycle on the way to remit the cash payments he collected from kiosks at the South Road Properties. He was already 50 meters away from the scene when someone alerted him that cash was flying from his damaged bag.

Barrientos said he was carrying around P3 million to P4 million in cash, which had been scattered on the road, causing a frenzy among the people. As soon as he realized what had happened, he returned to try to block the crowd, but there were simply too many people trying to get their hands on the scattered cash.

In a viral video that circulated online, Barrientos could be seen in tears as he made a desperate call, pleading with those around him. Many people ignored his appeals as they frantically grabbed the money and ran. However, there were a few compassionate individuals who returned the money they had picked up.

Barrientos lamented how some people have no mercy at all. He even tried to kneel in front of them, begging them to return the money because he had to repay the missing funds.

Fortunately, authorities went to the scene and managed to recover P2,083,000 out of the total cash. The police appealed to the people to return the money to help the poor collector.

Police Staff Sergeant Jonas Ricaplaza, Station 11 Desk Officer said, “Kung maari, isauli nila dahil malaking pera at kung sakaling hindi masasauli, siya (money collector) rin ang magbabayad niyan.”

Netizens have been deeply moved by the collector’s plea and touched by the actions of those who returned the money. The comments section was flooded with support and admiration for many people’s honesty, as well as frustration with others’ lack of empathy.



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