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Nanay pinapabayaran ang mga nakain ng kanyang kumare nung binyag ng kanyang anak

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Choosing a godparent for your children usually involves getting your bestfriends, or those who have money. However, it is important to remember that when choosing, you have to pick the one who willl be able to guide your child, not just give him or her gifts or money.

Wrong notion

A mother has recently gone viral when her friend whom she chose to be a godmother of her daughter posted their conversation on social media. It seems that the mother has a wrong notion about godmothers. The conversation started with her asking her friend for P1,000, supposedly for her daughter’s diaper.



However, the friend told her that she needs her money for the store she putting up, and besides, the mother still has a pending P1,500 loan from her. To which she replied that she should not ask her to pay the 1,500 anymore as a gift for her goddaughter this Christmas. She even teased the friend that she is rich and can easily loan her a thousand.

OffenseThe friend replied that Christmas is still far away, and where is her husband, she should be asking for money from him, not her. This is where it got funny, the mother upbraids her about not being able to visit her daughter when she was able to go to her other godchildren’s parties.


And then she went on and said the friend is now arrogant for being rich. She continued and said that she regrets getting her as her daughter’s godmother and that she should just pay for the food she ate during the baptism.

As if it cannot get any worse, the mother still went on and talked about the “pakimkim” of the friend which was only P500.



Then the realtalk began. It was revealed that when the mother borrowed P1500 from the friend, she said that her daughter was in the hospital and she needed to buy milk. It turned out the daughter was not really hospitalized. Add to that the other revealing and real-talk things the godmother said.

Source: virtualpinoy.com

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