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Pulis, Naiyak sa Sitwasyon ng Matandang Inabutan Niya ng Donasyon

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Ever since the coronavirus pandemic started in the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte has already implemented the enhanced community quarantine. And while it can help in containing the virus, the ECQ has also posed many problems. Because of the stay-at-home order for the public, thousands of employees were left unemployed during the quarantine.

To help those in need during the quarantine, the government has given out relief goods. In addition to that, Pres. Duterte also approved the Social Amelioration Program or SAP. This program aims to extend financial assistance to unemployed workers and to struggling families in every barangay.

However, not all struggling people received the funds. In Tarlac, an elderly man was one of those who were denied the social amelioration program. His pitiful situation went viral on social media, and many people inevitably questioned the efficiency of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

Many good Samaritans were also moved by the man’s situation. Among them is Patrolman Mark Ramirez from Tarlac Provincial Office. After seeing the circulating photos on social media, Patrolman Ramirez immediately acted to help the struggling man.

Using money out of his own pocket, Patrolman Ramirez went to the elderly man’s house personally. He also bought relief goods in order to help lolo get by. During their brief encounter, the kindhearted patrolman couldn’t help but be emotional after seeing the man’s situation.

Aside from Lolo, Patrolman Ramirez also helped his other neighbors in need.  Indeed, this just proves that not all heroes wear a cape! We take our hats off to you, Patrolman Ramirez, for your unconditional service to your fellow Filipinos.


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