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Viral single dad now has two lawyers after daughter passes 2022 Bar Exam

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MANILA, Philippines – Remember the viral single father who congratulated his son just before the results of the 2020-2021 Bar Exam? He now has more reasons to be proud, as he now has two children who are lawyers after his daughter passed the 2022 Bar Exam.

Renato Meniado Baysa put up another tarpaulin to congratulate his daughter, Atty. Maiko Kaye Baysa for passing the 2022 Bar Exam. Photo Courtesy: Facebook/ PIA Cagayan

In a viral photo from 2022, Renato Meniado Baysa climbed on a tree to hang the tarpaulin he had prepared for his son, Atty. Lynk Juren Baysa. Now he climbed the tree again to hang another tarpaulin. This time it’s for his daughter, Atty. Maiko Kaye Baysa, who passed the 2022 Bar Examinations, as announced by the Supreme Court on Friday, April 14.


He wrote on the tarpaulin that he was proud that, as a single father, he was able to provide two lawyers for his family. He wrote, “From single parent, Daddy: Mga bahagi na lang tayo ng isang kwento balang araw. Tulad ng pagsakripisyo at paghubog ko nang mabuti sa aking mga anak. Kahapon ay isang panaginip at pangarap lamang, paggising ko kanina totoo na pala. Thank you, Lord.”

His daughter, Maiko, finished his law degree at Arellano University School of Law. She was among the 3,992 passers of the 2022 Bar Examinations. The proud father, Tatay Renato used to be a “TNT” (Tago ng Tago) or undocumented Overseas Filipino Worker in Japan. When he had saved enough money, he returned to the Philippines and purchased a jeepney. Being a jeepney driver has since become their source of income, allowing him to send his three children to school.

On TikTok, their story went viral with over 1.4 million views. The siblings’ youngest brother, John, commented to thank everyone who congratulated his sister and brother. He wrote, “We really appreciate your post, and we are very thankful to all the people who congratulated us.”

The post was flooded with comments from netizens who went emotional over Tatay Renato’s efforts. A netizen commented, “Ang sarap siguro ng feeling proud sayo mga magulang mo.”

Another wrote, “Naiiyak ako kay tatay. Proud na proud. Pero alam ko mas proud ang mga anak niya na sya ang tatay nila.”

The story of Tatay Renato has taught many of us that our parents will always be the ones most proud of our achievements in life. Congratulations!

— Sally, The Summit Express

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